Who are you, exactly?

Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Elena  and I’m passionate about living my best life.  I have written for numerous publications, including Pink&Black Magazine, Cliche Magazine, Tulle Magazine, Honesty for Breakfast and Feather Magazine.

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Why is it named The Glitter Diaries?

Like the glitter that gives this blog this name, The Glitter Diaries is for beautiful messes. Glitter is messy but still beautiful and capable of leaving a trail of beauty and brightness wherever it may go (which is inevitable because glitter gets everywhere).
The Glitter Diaries is for women jus like that — for women that are both brilliant and messy.

(I also happen to be a big fan of both glitter and diaries…)

What can I expect from The Glitter Diaries?

Fun. Oh and also general life inspiration. I focus on covering topics related to mental health, with an emphasis on dealing with anxiety, depression, recovery and self-love. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some fun, lighthearted posts up in here as well.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes! I accept guest posts but will have to review the topic prior to posting. I do maintain the right to delete or modify any posts sent my way. Wanna talk guest posts? Send me an email at rebecca@theglitterdiaries.com

What's your policy on sharing images/posts?

Feel free to share all content from my blog, as long as I receive full credit! However, The Glitter Diaries is copyright protected by DMCA so any and all plagiarism of my work is illegal.

Will you review my product?

Sure! Err, possibly. If it’s a good fit for my blog, why not? However, I can no longer provide solo product review posts (aside from books) but would be more than happy to brainstorm a few brand-friendly posts to incorporate your business and client. For more information about working with me, please click here.

Product posts are typically featured 2-3 times a month.

Will you be an affiliate for my company?

Unfortunately, I do not participate in any affiliate programs. If you’d like to talk privately about it and are absolutely sure it’ll be a success, you can always email me.

What if I have a personal question?

No problemo! I’ve got this nifty thing called an email address that would LOVE to be filled with messages. Email: rebecca@theglitterdiaries.com

Not an email person? Feel free to message any of our social media accounts and I’ll respond immediately.

Where can I come say hello?

We’re on just about everything social media wise, so come say hello!: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Or send me an email at rebecca@theglitterdiaries.com