The Glitter Diaries focuses on building positive thinkers, risk takers, and self-care enthusiasts  through a variety of online challenges. All of my challenges are focused on using resources, tools, and worksheets to build positive habits of reflection and coping. 

There are three free challenges I currently offer on my blog:

Self-Love Challenge

Self-Love Challenge

A 4-week challenge that offers four worksheets, a free eBook, and four posts centered  around self-love and acceptance. You can begin the full challenge online!

Bravery Bootcamp

Bravery Bootcamp — launching October 1st

Bravery Bootcamp focuses on breaking down your fear-built barriers. Through a series of ongoing exercises, this challenge is about identifying, understanding, facing and overcoming your fears.

Core Belief Project

Core Belief Project — launching Jan. 1st

This six week intensive course focuses on our individual core belief. Focusing on better understanding the origins and effects, the Core Belief Project is a holistic approach to developing a positive sense of self. 

All of the content on The Glitter Diaries centers around these three challenges as I keep myself accountable to all. Sometimes that comes in the form of a book review because one way I show myself love is by carving out time in my schedule to do the things I love. Other times I’m sharing a fun adventure I went on where I kicked my anxiety to the curb and lived in the moments. And then there are the posts where I bare my soul and honestly reflect on my lessons and tribulations I’ve experienced on my self-love and acceptance journey. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.