Launching October 1st, Bravery Bootcamp is about tackling our fears and developing positive coping skills to handle them in the future. Through this four-week series, we’ll dig deep to identify our fears, understand them, and ultimately overcome them. Bravery Bootcamp is a free online, self-paced course that offers 4 different worksheets based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that will have you look at bravery and fear as multifaceted and complex.  Bravery Bootcamp encompasses both physical (think: heights) and mental (think: failure) fears so you can build your bravery arsenal up and use it to take down future problems.

Don’t think you’re alone in this, either! Throughout the course, I will be providing my own experience in living a brave life and facing my fears. All worksheets will provide an example of how to fill things out and the option to email me directly for clarification.

So what say you? You ready to be brave?

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