Hi, I'm Rebecca Elena

Let me just start by saying — I’m pretty ecstatic you’re here!

Hello, hello! I am SO glad that you’re here! 

My name is Rebecca Elena but you can just call me Rebecca. I am on a mission to change my life. This mission involves lots of journals and glitter but also one very special guest: YOU. Okay, okay, I’ll lay off the Nick Jr. talk but seriously, I’m glad you’re here.

I am currently in Master’s program to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I hope to work with young women and families in establishing positive coping skills and treating an array of life’s tough problems.

I use a lot of what I learn in my Master’s program directly in my blog so that my readers can receive sound, enlightening insight on dealing with difficulties.

As a survivor of both bullying and domestic abuse, I have created The Glitter Diaries to be a safe place where women can discuss tough topics.

About The Glitter Diaries 

The Glitter Diaries is for beautiful messes, for young women that are beautifully imperfect. The Glitter Diaries is for any girl that wants to add sparkle to the world, even if that might cause some messes along the way. The Glitter Diaries is for anyone that wants to forge their own path to the lead the life they want.

TGD (what I affectionately call my blog) help makes this real for TGD readers through how-to articles, inspirational manifestos, and personal challenges. To tackle my own self doubt and insecurities, I created this blog to document my efforts to live the most beautiful life. The Glitter Diaries focuses on building positive thinkers, risk takers, and self-care enthusiasts  through a variety of challenges, worksheets and posts.

So welcome to The Glitter Diaries. Let’s have some fun.