Join Bravery Bootcamp! A free online challenge designed to have you tackle your fears

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I’m so excited to share that I will be hosting another online challenge called Bravery Bootcamp!

Focusing on bravery and fear, this free online challenge asks you two important questions:

  • What are you afraid of?
  • What would you do if you were not afraid?

These two questions are at the core of Bravery Bootcamp. Fear is in all of us but it doesn’t have to keep us from pursuing the goals and dreams you have for yourself. Through Bravery Bootcamp, you will be given multiple worksheets to help you work through your fear so you can accomplish the goals that fear has kept you from.

Bravery Bootcamp will NOT:

  • Make you fearless
  • Eradicate fear from your life
  • Wave a magic wand to make your worries and anxiety vanish for good

But Bravery Bootcamp will:

  • Help you better understand your fears
  • Identify areas where you’ve let fear hinder you from growth and opportunity
  • Give your practical, hands-on ways to deal with fear

Bravery Bootcamp is structured similarly to my Self-Love Challenge, where we will have weekly posts, a printable worksheet, and a challenge. Like my original Self-Love Challenge, you will be able to do this at your own pace. I recommend reading through the material and then starting with ONE assignment at a time.

The topics covered in Bravery Bootcamp will include:

  • Identifying our fears
  • Identifying bravery
  • The difference between physical and psychological fears
  • How to take baby steps to a braver life
  • Understanding how fear has manifested in your life

Facing your fears is, understandably so, quite terrifying. It takes a lot of determination to overcome them and even more sheer willpower to keep living a brave life.

Bravery Bootcamp kicks off on October 1st!

Sign up for Bravery Bootcamp here!

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