Why We Need to Stop Idolizing Celebrities

Between #goals and #WCE, there’s more and more ways that we can show our celebrity adoration or fixation off. As a culture, we have become transfixed on the lives of our favorite celebrities, wanting to know what they wear, what workouts they do, how they do their makeup.

I am so guilty of getting caught up in wanting to look like a celebrity that I often forget how harmful that can be. When we are comparing ourselves to our favorite singers and actresses, we are setting ourselves to standards that are not just out of reach but not necessarily real.

Years working in marketing have taught me that what we is see is the final product, not the original. We see the aftermath, the polished finish. The results of hours of editing, of professional help to get the right lighting, the right outfit, and the right look.

So let’s stop with these celebrity comparisons and idolizations. Why? It’s not because we’re less beautiful, it’s because we’re comparing ourselves.

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Besides, when we compare ourselves, we  often compare ourselves to the finished product vs our messy selves. This rings especially true for celebrities. We compare ourselves to photoshopped perfection which took the effort of many people in order to achieve.

Here’s a few safe guesses of things that separate us from celebrities:
  • Professional makeup artists
  • Professional hair stylists
  • Airbrush/spray tan professionals
  • Top nutritionists
  • Personal trainers
  • Private chefs
  • Photoshop experts
  • Personal stylists

That’s not even factoring in the possibility of plastic surgery and extensive beauty treatments (but it’s not my place to comment on the potential plastic surgery of celebrities but it is easier to ). There is so many resources that a celebrity has to look great.

Celebrities are not perfection. They’re not better than us. They just have a really cool job that comes with a shit ton of attention and more scrutiny and praise than most humans can handle. It’s easy to spend your days wishing you had Angelina Jolie’s looks and a Kim Kardashian booty. We are constantly seeing articles, videos and posts about achieving celebrity good looks. It’s only natural to feel pressured to look like them.

But it’s not fair. It’s never, ever okay to compare yourself to anyone. You never know the reality of someone’s situation. This is especially true when we’re idolizing celebrities. We have absolutely no idea what the reality of their lives are like; we have no clue the pressures that they face to look and act a certain way.

Now remind yourself of this while you binge watch E! News or the Kardashians:

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