Life is Too Short to Hate Your Body

Life Too Short

When I was nineteen, I was diagnosed with Factor V Disorder, a rare blood clotting disorder that nearly killed me. I had multiple blood clots in my left leg that caused me to lose my mobility for nearly two months and would take months to recover from.

And you know what I was stressed out the most about? Not the fact that I could easily die. Nope, it was that I was going to get fat from laying down all the time during my recovery process. I was literally more worried about gaining weight than I was about the fact that I could die. This speaks so loudly to both my priorities and mental state.

But the reality is, I am not so different from many other young women out there. I am not the only girl who has ever had a fear of being fat in place of a more legitimate concern. I am not the only girl that has felt like gaining weight could be the worst case scenario.

So I want to leave this here with you:

Life is too short to hate your body. Click To Tweet

Our days are numbered. It’s a hard pill to swallow but everything that we own, that we do, everything that makes up our life isn’t permanent. We have no guarantees of tomorrow. We have to start loving ourselves now! I know, I know, the morbidity is a bit tough to talk about but the point is true: if our days are numbered, why would we spend a single second of that hating our bodies and ourselves?

We should be celebrating the fact that our hearts are beating, that our bodies are capable of so much good and positivity.

But it’s hard to remember that. It’s hard to remember that life is short when we’re constantly fed images of airbrushed perfection and celebrity-set standards. It’s hard to gain perspective when we’re picking each supposed flaw apart. It’s hard to remember that one day, we won’t be as strong and as capable as we are today. Knowing that life is short is one thing, understanding the implication of it is much more difficult to grasp.

So the next time you start feeling those hateful thoughts about yourself and body creep up, remember this:

We are given one life, so let's not waste a single precious day hating our bodies. Click To Tweet

Our life is so precious! There is nothing more important than our time, so we must remember to use it wisely by fueling our body with good thoughts and encouragement. Every single time those thoughts come up, remind yourself that not a single second of body negativity is worth it. There is simply not enough time (or reason!) to ever think negative about your body. It’s illogical and silly to spend our days hating the only body we will ever have.

I realize it’s not that simple but reminding yourself of this message can help you derail those negative thoughts about yourself and your body. Add this message to your arsenal so you can better combat negativity.

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