Keeping a Gratitude Journal

gratitude journal

Recently, I was assigned to keep a gratitude journal as a tool to help me develop skills for my lifelong happiness journey. Unlike a normal journal, a gratitude journal focuses on acknowledging what we’re thankful for. From our spouses to our pets, we all have so many (often overlooked) blessings in our life and pay […] Read more…

Why I Ditched Women’s Magazines


Growing up, magazines were incredible. The glossy pages covered with beauty ‘suggestions’ and tips to make men like you seemed perfect for a girl with tons of insecurities and a constant desire to be liked by everyone. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that these ‘women’s magazines’ are filled with body-shaming behavior that continues the […] Read more…

Prettiness is Not An Obligation

Prettiness is not an obligation

Have you ever found yourself saying something that completely took you off guard? Even though you were the one thinking and saying it, you didn’t really realize the power of what had just been said? I have. The other day I said this: “I’m so sorry I have no makeup on!”  Harmless enough, right? Except, […] Read more…

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